Learn How To Program and Troubleshoot Ladder Logic


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Automation is at the heart of modern industry. It is predominant in distribution, processing, manufacturing, and assembly. Behind the robots and machinery lies the Programmable Logic Controller or PLC for short. Open any modern control panel and you will find the programmable logic controller has replaced an array of relays, timers and other antiquated devices.The modern PLC dominates the world of industrial automation and Ladder Logic is the de-facto programming language in this obscure land of bits and bytes. [click to continue…]

Online PLC Training

Micro programmable logic controllers

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How To Get The Most From Online Material

This site has multiple resources to help you learn how to program. An excellent place to start is to jump in and learn ladder logic. Why Ladder Logic? The answer is easy it’s the most commonly used programming language for many reasons. It’s the easiest language to learn and for technicians to troubleshoot.

Good training can cost a lot of money. That’s why I developed this online training hub. Here you can learn how to program and configure PLC’s using the preferred programming language. This site is dedicated to Allen Bradley PLC’s. If you plan on using a different platform fear not, the principles you learn here will cross over to any platform such as Siemens or Fanuc.

Some of the most common hurdles for learning online include software and hardware, or rather the lack of it. Rockwell offers a free version of their powerful programing and configuration software and can be found here. Please note that the software is a lite version and therefore limited it what it can do. These limitations are only show stoppers if you let them be. Grab a copy of the software install and follow along with the tutorials. You won’t be able to download to a processor, however if you follow along it’s the next best thing. [click to continue…]

Programmable Logic Controller Training

ContollogixPLC training is a broad term that includes programming, I/O configuration, and industrial networks. Modern Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s) can be programmed with several industrial languages with Ladder-Logic being the most popular. Individual manufacturers provide training specific to their brand. There are also books covering the basics as well as forums and websites like this one.

A Word About PLC Programming languages

All the major PLC manufactures adhere to the IEC 61131-3 standard which defines programmable logic controller standards. The IEC standard details such things as Data Types, Variables, Tasks, and Programs. [click to continue…]

Do I need a PLC Programming Certification?


PLC programming is a broad term that usually incorporates PLC programming, network configuration, SCADA and HMI programming as well as peripheral programming and configuration of devices such as stepper motors, linear drives, pick and place automation, robotics, etc.

Programming certifications may be required for specialty fields such as programming amusement park rides, refrigeration systems, oil and gas processing, mining operations, food processing, and health care. The certifications and requirements vary from company to company and depend on local and national laws and regulations.

As a general rule of thumb proper certifications are always good to have and can give you an advantage over those who hold no certifications. For instance millions of people use MS Excel yet most hold no related certifications.

Purse certifications that are related to the platforms you will be working with. If you are interested in working for a company that works with Allen Bradley PLC’s you should pursue certifications that are AB certified and model specific. [click to continue…]