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How To Get The Most From Online Material

This site has multiple resources to help you learn how to program. An excellent place to start is to jump in and learn ladder logic. Why Ladder Logic? The answer is easy it’s the most commonly used programming language for many reasons. It’s the easiest language to learn and for technicians to troubleshoot.

Good training can cost a lot of money. That’s why I developed this online training hub. Here you can learn how to program and configure PLC’s using the preferred programming language. This site is dedicated to Allen Bradley PLC’s. If you plan on using a different platform fear not, the principles you learn here will cross over to any platform such as Siemens or Fanuc.

Some of the most common hurdles for learning online include software and hardware, or rather the lack of it. Rockwell offers a free version of their powerful programing and configuration software and can be found here. Please note that the software is a lite version and therefore limited it what it can do. These limitations are only show stoppers if you let them be. Grab a copy of the software install and follow along with the tutorials. You won’t be able to download to a processor, however if you follow along it’s the next best thing.

Online Training Tutorials

Now that you have software, or maybe you already had it, let’s briefly discuss the tutorials. If you are a complete beginner this online training video as well as this one is where you should start(note: scroll down to get to the videos, they are there, read the content as well it’s very informative).  Once you have mastered the basics you will be ready for a training series here.

Don’t forget to take a look at the instructions here. There are online videos as well as definitions and examples to help you understand the logic.