Pasting Neutral Text Into The Ladder Editor

copy paste

The following code is the textual equivalent to the more familiar symbolic ladder logic.



Below is the graphical representation of the above text. The code above can be copied and pasted into the ladder editor. Click on the images to make them larger.

Neutral Rung

To paste the code into the ladder editor first copy it from the source using CTL-C. Once the code has been copied, open the the routine in which you want to paste the code.

Empty Rung

The code must be pasted into an existing rung. Drag a blank ladder rung into the routine. Next, edit the rung. There are three ways to edit a rung. First select the rung so that the rung is highlighted. Next either press the enter key on the keyboard, left double click with the mouse or right click and select Edit.

Neutral Text Close Up

Make sure the rung editor is set for “Neutral Text” as opposed to “ASCII Text”. This is selectable via a drop-down menu. Notice the semi-colon “;” in the rung editor. This is the textual representation of a rung. If you paste the above code in while leaving the semi-colon you will end up with two rungs. The rung you just pasted and the rung you are editing. If you delete the semicolon you will end up with just the rung you are pasting.

Neutral Select

Paste the code into the rung editor using either CTL-V or your mouse. When you are done press enter and viola a rung, two instructions and tag names should appear. Of course you still have to define the tags and add descriptions.

Pasted Text